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Install Vector from pre-compiled archives

Installing Vector from a pre-built archive should be a last resort if Vector cannot be installed through a supported platform or operating system. Archives are built for released versions as well as nightly builds.


1. Download The Archive

If you don't see your target, then we recommend building Vector from source. You can also request a target by opening an issue requesting your new target.

Copy the download URL for the appropriate archive:

2. Unpack The Archive

Copy the appropriate download link above and then proceed to download it:

curl -o <release-download-url> | tar -xzf --directory="vector" --strip-components=1

This will create a directory called vector. Let's change into that directory:

cd vector

Issuing the ls command shows the following directory structure:

bin/vector - The vector binary
config/vector.toml - Default Vector configuration
config/vector.spec.toml - Full Vector configuration specification
config/examples/* - A variety of configuration examples
etc/systemd/vector.service - Systemd service file
etc/init.d/vector - Init.d service file

3. Move vector into your $PATH

To ensure vector is in your $PATH let's add it to your profile:

echo "export PATH=\"$(pwd)/vector/bin:\$PATH\"" >> $HOME/.profile
source $HOME/.profile

4. Start Vector

That's it! You can start vector with:

vector --config config/vector.toml

Next Steps


The Vector configuration file is located at:


A full spec is located at config/vector.spec.toml and examples are located in config/vector/examples/*. You can learn more about configuring Vector in the Configuration section.

Data Directory

We highly recommend creating a data directory that Vector can use:

mkdir /var/lib/vector

And in your vector.toml file:

data_dir = "/var/lib/vector"

If you plan to run Vector under a separate user, be sure that the directory is writable by the vector process.

Service Managers

Vector archives ship with service files in case you need them:


To install Vector into Init.d run:

cp -av etc/init.d/vector /etc/init.d


To install Vector into Systemd run:

cp -av etc/systemd/vector /etc/systemd/system


Simply follow the same installation instructions above.