Using Vector on Docker

Vector maintains the timberio/vector Docker images available on Docker Hub.


docker run timberio/vector:latest-alpine
  • The vector binary is located at /usr/local/bin/vector, which should be in your $PATH.

  • The default configuration file is located at /etc/vector/vector.toml.


The Vector Docker images ship with a default /etc/vector/vector.toml configuration file. To use your own configuration file:

  1. Create your own Vector configuration file and save it as vector.toml.

  2. Run the Vector Docker image with the following command:

    docker run -v $PWD/vector.toml:/etc/vector/vector.toml:ro timberio/vector:latest-alpine

    Modify $PWD to the directory where you store your local vector.toml file.

Image Variants


This image is based on the alpine Docker image, which is a Linux distribution built around musl libc and BusyBox. It is considerably smaller in size than other Docker images and statically links libraries. This is the image we recommend due to it's small size and reliability.


This image is based on the debian-slim image, which is a smaller, more compact variant of the debian image.


Vector's Docker images include a special latest version that will be updated whenever Vector is released. All other releases are available via the X.X.X tag:

docker run timberio/vector:X.X.X-alpine


Simply run the with the latest tag:

docker run timberio/vector:latest-alpine

Or specify the exact version:

docker run timberio/vector:X.X.X-alpine