Stopping Vector

The Vector process should be stopped by sending it a SIGTERM process signal:

kill -SIGTERM <vector-process-id>
sudo systemctl stop vector
/etc/init.d/vector stop
brew services stop vector

If you are currently running the Vector process in your terminal, this can be achieved by a single ctrl+c key combination.

Graceful Shutdown

Vector is designed to gracefully shutdown within 20 seconds when a SIGTERM process signal is received. The shutdown process is as follows:

  1. Stop accepting new data for all sources.

  2. Gracefully close any open connections with a 20 second timeout.

  3. Flush any sink buffers with a 20 second timeout.

  4. Exit the process with a 1 code.

Force Killing

If Vector is forcefully killed there is potential for losing any in-flight data. To mitigate this we recommend enabling on-disk buffers and avoiding forceful shutdowns whenever possible.