Validate Vector's configuration

Vector provides a --dry-run option to validate configuration only:

config only
config + health checks
vector --config /etc/vector/vector.toml --dry-run

If validation fails, Vector will exit with a 78, and if validation succeeds Vector will exit with a 0.

You'll notice in the second example above you can pass the --require-healthy flag to also run health checks for all defined sinks.

This operation is useful to validate configuration changes before going live.


For clarify, Vector validates the following:

  1. At least one source is defined.

  2. At least one sink is defined.

  3. The all inputs values contain at least one value (cannot be empty).

  4. All inputs values reference valid and upstream source or transform components. See composition for more info.

  5. All sources, tranforms, and sinks include required options.

  6. All options are of the proper type.

  7. All sink health check if the --require-healthy option is supplied.